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So, You Think You Want to Be on a Board

Jan. 21, 2022, 12pm-1pm EST


This event is part of MANP's Get on Board Initiative, funded in part by John T. Gorman Foundation, the Betterment Fund and Onion Foundation.

Looking for a personal or professional growth opportunity? Interested in getting more involved in your community? Want to stretch as a leader? Nonprofit board or committee service can be a rewarding way to invest in your community, meet incredible people, build new skills and boost your resume! But, is this volunteer opportunity the right fit for you? And where do you even start?

Participants will walk away with:

  • A deeper understanding of the role of nonprofits and boards.
  • Clarity on whether board service is a good fit for their goals.
  • Strategies to identify opportunities that match their passions and talents.
  • A list of the top questions to ask organizations when exploring board service.
Intended Audience
This session is for people at any point in their career who are:

  • New to nonprofit board/committee service,
  • Want to deepen their community impact,
  • Interested in growing as leaders and building their network
  • Trying to decide if board service is the right choice for them,
  • Wondering how to get started!
Cost + Registration
Please email the MANP Education Team at Learn@NonprofitMaine.org.

Additional Resources  
Visit the MANP Answer Center to find free articles, templates, and other resources related to Governance + Leadership.

Location + Directions

Location: Your Desk! - Interactive Webinar
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