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Family Advocate

Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine

Cumberland County Children’s Advocacy Center
Family Advocate

A. Purpose of Position:
This position provides administrative support and direct client work for the Cumberland County Children's Advocacy Center. This position requires a person who possesses the highest level of professionalism and strict confidentiality and professional boundaries working with individuals impacted by sexual violence.

B. Direct Responsibilities:

  • Facilitates the coordination and scheduling of the Forensic Interview with the Multidisciplinary Team members and the Forensic Interviewer within a 72-hour timeframe.
  • Collects and inputs statistics and data into statewide database.
  • Supports center in maintaining accreditation standards.
  • Attends and supports Advisory Board and Case Review Meetings
  • Provides administrative support, when necessary, for the purposes of CAC program needs.
  • Attends meetings regarding Commercially Sexually Exploited Children to provide advocacy lens.
  • Completes additional duties as requested by the Program Manager or the Executive Director.
Direct Service:
  • Assists program coordinator in making initial contact with the non-offending parent/guardian to schedule interviews and explain the CAC process.
  • Greets and welcomes the non-offending caregiver/guardian and the child at the CAC.
  • Ensures that all necessary paperwork for the CAC case has been presented, discussed and signed by the non-offending parent/guardian for the purposes of conducting the forensic interview, for any necessary referrals (as appropriate) for outside MDT partners for the purposes of intervention, and follow up care for the non-offending parent/guardian and children receiving services within the CAC setting.
  • Provides the non-offending caregiver with support and information including, but not limited to: the process at the CAC, referrals to medical services, mental health referrals, confidential support/advocacy services, the Maine Crime Victim’s Compensation program, and other social services or agencies that may be relevant.
  • Provides one week and one month follow up calls with the non-offending caregiver/guardian
  • Helps provide and facilitate training with partner agencies.
  • Supports Program Coordinator with marketing and outreach efforts as needed.
B. Knowledge and Experience:
  • Excellent professional, organizational, clerical, interpersonal, and writing skills.
  • Knowledge and sensitivity of dynamics relating to sexual violence.
  • Comfort with initiating contact with families and providers.
  • Consistent and dependable attention to detail on all aspects of the job.
  • Ability to work independently, creatively and in a resourceful manner to meet project goals.
  • Working knowledge of the Maine State Judicial and Social Services System.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Ability to accurately document and complete paperwork and data collection by due date and adhere to strict timelines within the CAC guidelines.
  • Competent in Microsoft Office computer programs (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel)
  • Willingness to complete all trainings related to the role of Family Advocate, including a 40 Hour Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Training.
  • Ability to maintain highest level of confidentiality, professional boundaries, and adherence to protocols set forth in the CAC/MDT guidelines and procedures.
  • Must possess a valid Maine State license and sufficient insurance coverage.
  • Must pass State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) check, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Abuse and Neglect investigation.
  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Human Services or related field OR a 4 year combination of education, work, and/or life experience with victims of sexual violence inclusive of work specifically with all age groups.
  • Continued employment is contingent upon the acquisition of ongoing funding.
  • Competitive annual salary with excellent benefits offered.

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Portland Area

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