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Executive Director

Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine

Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine (SARSSM) provides free services in York and Cumberland counties to anyone affected by sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual abuse, through prevention programs, support, education, and advocacy. We have been providing services since 1973.

SARSSM’s well-regarded programs include Prevention Education, Sexual Assault Advocacy, 24 Hour Helpline, and Children Advocacy Centers in York and Cumberland County.

The Executive Director is responsible for implementing Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine’s (SARSSM) Mission. Her/his actions must be consistent with SARSSM’s policies and programs as determined by the Board of Directors, and with the rules and regulations governing non-profit corporations.

The Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out SARSSM’s mission through the oversight and participation in all functions of the agency’s business including programming, financial stability, legal compliance and direct service provision.

Develop and Grow A Culture That Supports Mutuality, Self-Care and Resiliency
The new executive director will benefit from an already strong culture of mutual staff support that has continued to grow during this transition. The diverse and talented staff, many of whom are new in their careers, are singularly passionate about the mission. The new executive director will have the opportunity to collaborate with staff and board to develop and implement trauma-informed institutional policies and processes (inclusive of HR, compensation and benefits, and clinical supervision) and a work environment that ensures the well-being of staff, prevents burnout for staff and board, and benefits the people SARSSM serves.

Strengthen Organizational Leadership and Management
The new executive director will lead the organization through strategic planning, building on SARSSM’s mission and developing shared vision, values, and key proactive strategies to guide governance and operational decision-making. The new executive director will work in partnership with the board to grow governance oversight and leadership and will work with managers to build a strong management team to oversee the effective delivery of programs and develop their staff.

Strengthen Programs and Community Partnerships
SARSSM’s committed staff provide quality programs and services in York and Cumberland counties. However, staff transitions have impacted continuity of service and community relationships.  Specific programs, like the Child Advocacy Centers, enjoy strong community relationships, but the organization seeks to build more alliances and partnerships and is open to exploring new ways of delivering core programs and services. There is a desire to expand services through providing field placements and internships for students in social work (and similar undergraduate and graduate programs) and to be able to retain staff who might otherwise leave the organization to pursue their degrees. The new executive director will have the opportunity to rethink program design, delivery and staffing structure.

Create a Financial Model and Processes that Ensure Sustainability
Maine’s sexual assault programs are funded through a stable array of state and federal funding sources which have been on a slow, moderate (but steady) increase for the last 20 years - which is somewhat atypical for Maine’s social services sector. SARSSM, like the other sexual assault programs, is heavily dependent on those funding streams. These dollars are part of a single contract from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which is passed through the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MECASA). SARSSM needs to increase unrestricted revenue from private donors, foundations, and strategic partnerships to offset some of the restrictive limitations of the program contracts and potentially deliver programs in new ways. The executive director will have the opportunity to hire SARSSM’s first Financial and Grants Management Coordinator, a position approved by the board following the organizational assessment.

Ideal Candidate
SARSSM is seeking a strategic and empathetic leader who understands that caring for the staff is caring for the people SARSSM’s serves. They are knowledgeable about the nature of trauma and the impact of working with trauma, and they are passionate about creating a work environment and institutionalizing processes that support self care and resiliency.  They personally model self-care and effective coping skills.

They are able to lead an organization from vision to execution while not losing site of details and day to day management. They are skilled at ensuring plans are well executed. They bring experience managing in a non-profit environment and have helped to grow organizations through building on peoples’ strengths and effective delegation. They are a keen developer of people and seek professional opportunities for staff and board members. They have a reputation for retention of high performing staff and high staff satisfaction rates.

They are able to balance SARSSM’s management and operational needs with taking an external leadership role in the community to build relationships and partnerships.

A strong communicator and connector, they are able to challenge people’s thinking while bringing them along in a shared vision. A solid and consistent communicator, they have a reputation for communicating directly and effectively with diverse populations and personalities. They appropriately and consistently keep people “in the loop” about important information and decisions. They have a transparent, collaborative, and facilitative approach to decision-making, seeking maximum appropriate engagement of stakeholders. They are open about what they know, and what they don’t know. They are eager to learn from staff and the people SARSSM serves. They have achieved sustainable change through thoughtful engagement of diverse voices, great listening skills, and genuine curiosity.

Entrepreneurial and tolerant of risk, they are able to see beyond perceived constraints. They are comfortable in the role of “Chief Fundraising Officer” and initiate key relationships. They see potential, strategically exploring and implementing new programs while identifying and securing new funding and partnerships for growth and sustainability. The ideal candidate can move seamlessly from a staff meeting to a funder or donor meeting, to facilitating a community conversation about sexual assault or appearing on local media. They are optimistic, have  a direct and transparent communications style, and can maintain a sense of grace and good humor.

  • Qualifications 
  • 3 - 7 years of nonprofit management and leadership.
  • Knowledgeable about trauma, including vicarious and compounded trauma; a grounding in the philosophical approach with sexual violence and anti-oppression preferred.
  • Successful management and development of people and teams.
  • Familiarity with HR processes and personnel management.
  • Grant and contract management experience and regulatory and compliance awareness.
  • Experience overseeing finances and making sound financial decisions.
  • Strong communication skills, experienced with public speaking and writing.
  • Ability to cultivate strong board engagement, recruitment and development, gained as a staff person or board member.
  • Experience in leading a diverse organization.
  • Ability to build and facilitate partnerships and develop strong community relationships.
  • Grant writing, donor development, and event fundraising experience.
  • MSW or other relevant clinical licensure.

Approximate annual salary range (based off experience):  $70,000 - $85,000

Application Guidelines
Interested candidates please submit a resume and thoughtful letter of interest to: noel@sarsonline.org
We are accepting applications through September 16, 2019.

SARSSM is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates.  People from historically and currently under-represented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Additional Job Information

Providing a salary range is a practice that models transparency and is one recommended strategy for advancing equitable compensation.
$70,000 - $85,000
Portland Area

Application Details

Interested candidates please submit a resume and thoughtful letter of interest to: noel@sarsonline.org
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