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Pilot Project Director

Cultural Alliance of Maine

The Cultural Alliance of Maine, a grassroots, statewide network of organizations, has identified the need for dedicated leadership and coordination to help Maine’s broad and diverse cultural community navigate, learn from, and seize opportunities presented by this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. The Alliance is seeking a contracted Pilot Project Director for a multi-year pilot project to advance the value and impact and address the broad needs of Maine’s diverse cultural sector, exploring the questions:

What would support Maine’s cultural sector in being as effective, efficient, vibrant, innovative, and equitable as possible? How can the creative, innovative capacity of the sector be nurtured and leveraged towards its preservation and growth?

The pilot project goals are to establish a coordinated community that:
  • Collaborates and is mutually supportive, regardless of organizational size, geography, budget, mission, etc.; 
  • Communicates with and learns from each other, shares resources and information;
  • Engages and educates elected officials, policymakers, funders, and the general public to increase visibility and understanding of the cultural community’s impact;
  • Works collectively to address crises and critical issues.
The Alliance seeks a skilled network weaver, relationship builder and project manager to serve as the contracted Pilot Project Director and lead the work to:
  • Ensure a diverse and inclusive community of participants that reflects the breadth of the sector and full extent of Maine’s geography.
  • Connect the culture sector (nonprofits and businesses) for peer learning around shared interests, opportunities and challenges.
  • Identify gaps in sector-relevant resources.
  • Increase visibility of the culture sector and its economic and community impacts to policymakers/decision-makers. 
  • Foster value for culture sector collaboration.
  • Explore models for organizing and financially supporting the cultural sector sustainably for the long term.
Specific responsibilities will include:
  • Coordinate and support virtual convenings, and potentially in-person convenings if/when public health guidance allows.
  • Facilitate communication and engagement in the pilot project.
  • Support advocacy initiatives, including attending relevant public committee meetings, compiling data, and coordinating communication to elected officials. 
  • Research models used by cultural coalitions in other states/regions and by other affinity groups to identify success factors.
  • Monitor overall programmatic goals and evaluation; keep records and produce necessary reports for the Pilot Steering Committee and funders.
  • Manage project sub-contractors (such as speakers, designers, policy analysts).
  • Lead the development of a vision and workplan for the next stage of the pilot project.
The Pilot Project Director will be hired by and report to the Cultural Alliance of Maine Steering Committee representing diverse non-profit cultural organizations around the state. Administrative and fiscal management for the pilot project will be provided by the Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP). 

Contract Terms:
Initial 12-month term
Starting January 2021

To be considered for this contract position, please provide cover letter, resume and client references to search@nonprofitmaine.org. In your cover letter please address why you believe the Cultural Alliance of Maine is needed and the unique strengths and approach you would bring to the Project Director role. 

Additional Job Information

Providing a salary range is a practice that models transparency and is one recommended strategy for advancing equitable compensation. 
January/February 2021
Statewide/Regional Travel

Application Details

Please send cover letter, resume and client references to search@nonprofitmaine.org. Accepting applications until Jan 22.
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