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LatinX & Immigrant Advocate

Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine
To provide outreach and sexual assault advocacy services to the LatinX and Immigrant populations in Southern Maine.

The LatinX/Immigrant Community Advocate is accountable to the SART Program Manager

  • Bi-lingual and/or bi-cultural with a strong understanding of the LatinX community is required.
  • Bachelor degree in women’s studies, public health, criminology, social work or social welfare is preferred.
  • Equivalent life or work experience will be considered.
  • An understanding of sexual assault issues and issues facing the LatinX community is required.
  • Experience working with or within all or some of the following systems: law enforcement, medical, social services or legal.
  • Experience in crisis and/or other advocacy services.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Strong written and oral communications skills, including public speaking and meeting facilitation.
  • Reliable Transportation.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with law enforcement agencies, emergency departments, the district attorney’s office and other service providers through on-going communication and in-service trainings.
  • Develop outreach specific to the LatinX community. Create on-going communication and collaboration with other social service providers.
  • Develop outreach specific to immigrant services and serving the needs of survivors who are immigrants.
  • Create and/or participate in opportunities for collaboration with community service providers.
  • Participate and serve as SARSSM representative on local committees, conferences and/or board meetings.
  • Identify and convene and Advisory Committee to support the creation and sustainability of services available in the LatinX community.
  • Maintain a familiarity with services available to survivors of sexual assault in York and Cumberland Counties.
  • Provide follow-up assistance and support to LatinX survivors, underserved survivors, and concerned others as needed with regard to the criminal justice process, including updated information on progress of the investigation.
  • Assist LatinX and immigrant survivors in obtaining necessary social/community services and provide relevant information to providers when requested by the victim, or concerned others as appropriate.
  • Help LatinX and immigrant survivors file for victim’s compensation when appropriate.
  • Assist LatinX and immigrant survivors in obtaining necessary legal representation.
  • Provide adequate support to overcome the barriers LatinX and immigrant survivors face to allow them to access systems such as: criminal justice, legal advocacy, emotional support or safety planning.
  • Provide telephone and/or in-person crisis support services to victims and family members following a sexual assault. This includes providing Level 1, Level 2 and staff back-up duties on the crisis and support line.
  • Assist in development of training modules in cooperation with Advisory Committee members and SARSSM staff.
  • Provide educational presentations and training programs in the community.
  • Maintain relevant records and provide reports as required by funding and SARSSM requirements and as directed by SART Program Coordinator.
  • Participate in agency events and programs.
  • Assist the SART Program Coordinator as requested.
This position may require evening and/or weekend hours as necessary.
Updated: December 5, 2019

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Portland Area

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Please send your resume and cover letter to Skylar Hebert at skylar@sarsonline.org
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