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Rob Levin
94 Beckett Street, 2nd Floor Portland, ME, 04101
Nonprofit Law Expertise
Service Description
Your nonprofit organization can save time, expense and heartache by turning to someone who knows and understands Maine nonprofits and the unique regulatory framework in which they operate. Unlike most attorneys, my practice is tailored especially to nonprofit entities. As a past employee and current Board member with several nonprofit organizations, I am sensitive to their particular needs and challenges. I make it a point to keep abreast of the latest laws, regulations, and IRS rulings that affect nonprofits. In addition, my connections with other professionals who specialize in nonprofits allow me to quickly gather a coordinated team to solve particularly thorny problems. MY SERVICES INCLUDE: Entity Formation or Restructuring – Establishing a nonprofit organization is not as simple as filing a few forms. There are many not-so-obvious decisions that can greatly affect the odds of success. I help individuals and groups plan and implement their vision, whether that means forming a public charity, a private foundation, or some other entity. The same set of skills also applies in forming a spinoff of an already existing nonprofit, merging two separate organizations, or helping an organization wind up its operations. Nonprofit Regulations Compliance / Legal Audits – I review charter documents (bylaws and articles of incorporation) and ensure compliance with federal tax-exempt regulations and state regulation of conversion and conflict-of-interest transactions. I also conduct comprehensive Operational Audits of an organization’s operations and policies, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses, along with an action plan for how to move forward. Governance Issues – I am available to assist with a broad variety of governance issues that nonprofit boards face from time to time, including fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, insurance matters, and procedural issues. Real Estate Issues – Does your organization own land or is it looking to acquire property? I can help with a variety of real estate transactions, with a special view towards deal points that relate to nonprofits. **Pro-bono 30-minute consultation to MANP members. Please call MANP directly for a Pro-bono referral.
Background Information
May offer pro-bono services? : No
Is MANP Presenter? : Yes
Are Rates Negotiable? : No
Percentage of client base that is nonprofit : 80
Nonprofit Hourly Rate : variable
Regular Hourly Rate : variable
Year founded : 2002
Geographical Areas
Services Offered
  • Incorporation/Business/Contracts
  • Nonprofit Legal Compliance Services
  • Other
  • Tax
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